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Mon, Feb. 16th, 2004, 01:01 am

Decided to get one of these journals in the hopes that maybe one of my colleagues has one, but I haven't sniffed around the site enough to find them.

I'm currently posting from a net-cafe. Finally woke up after being out cold for what seems to be quite a long time. I haven't pieced together /exactly/ what happened yet, but it's coming together. I've tried getting in touch with the others, but even Schuldich's incessant and constant buzzing is absent from my head. That's disconcerting in itself. I need to find one of them though. Luckily my pay from Esset's been put onto my bankcard, and if I was really desperate, I could probably hack into the payroll system and give myself a "small" raise if I needed.

But first, to concentrate on finding one of the others, before I have the bad luck of running into one of /them./ Especially that Bombay. Stupid darts of his. Made me lose feeling in my leg, which Schuldich couldn't help but find amusing. It'd be my luck to run into him first. *sighs*

Well, even though I'm not going to have to pay for my time here, my time could be well-spent elsewhere.